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Meet Jessica!

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Hi! Jessica here. I am an ambivert that is a mother to two boys (below, right), a spouse to a retired U.S. Army soldier (below, left), U.S. Army veteran, outdoor enthusiast, hockey fan, avid equestrienne, artist, strategist, Corgi mom (shown at the bottom of the page), and businesswoman. Talking with people about what they love is what fuels me!

Soldier holding his wife
Colton and Jessica

I began my first small business as a young Army spouse and mother to give me a fun way to contribute to our family. While I loved the creative side of my jewelry making venture there were some areas that I definitely struggled in. Trying to wear all of the hats all of the time was exhausting!!

Fast forward to now, when I have done a lot of things I never dreamt of back then: I spent nearly a decade studying geology, I have seen my oldest son join "the family business" (AKA the U.S. Army), I earned a degree in business with a focus on marketing, I have been a creative director for a boutique public relations agency, worked for a government contractor in Washington, D.C., and I have come back to what I truly love- being a small business owner!

A boy getting a piggyback ride on his older brother
My world- my boys

Growing up around small business owners helped me pick up some good tips. As I worked through school, I learned better ways to hone the skills that small businesses need to succeed.

After all, every small business starts with seeing a need to be fulfilled, or a process that can be done better. That spirit is what fuels the "American Dream". Let me help you regain your dream.

Corgi puppy in red and black plaid dress
Éowyn, The Office Dog




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