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Do I need a full business analysis for my small business?

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

A full business analysis sounds big and scary, but really is not. Having one allows for knowledge of how the brand appears in all spaces (tangible and intangible), what gaps exist for the business, where you are doing great, and where opportunities for improvement exist. Below are the three groups of small business owners that this serves:

1. The business owner that does not know about the tools they can use to gather information about their customers (social media, website, etc.).

2. Those owners that do not know what to do with the voluminous data available.

3. The owner that wants to know more about how customers interact with their business but does not have the time to learn how to manage and/or interpret the data.

If you fall into one of these three categories (or if you are just curious), keep reading about the four benefits of a complete business analysis.

#1 - Customers

Do you know how your customers are interacting with your business? Do they mainly come from social media, word of mouth, Google, or some other means? How long do customers stay on your page? What is your conversion rate? Does your brand align across all of your assets (website, social media, printed materials, etc.)?

These are some of the questions that can be answered with a full business analysis.

#2 - Tools

Do you not have any means for measuring customer interaction? Do you not know what free tools exist to help you save time and money? Are you baffled by the amount of information that is returned from your simple question on Google? Let's talk about the tools that your business has and can use to be more efficient!

#3 - Education

It took me a long time, lots of education, and a bit of trial-and-error to have the ability to help small business owners such as yourself. What good is knowledge if it is not shared? A lot of owners want to know how to better manage their business. This is why I offer the option for learning for those who feel they have time for it.

#4 - Automation

Some owners get overwhelmed with everything they can do for their business. This is absolutely normal for a small business! If you are the owner that wants to focus only on the aspects of the business that you love and want to hand the reins over to someone that will act on your behalf for the parts you dislike? I can take that off of your hands. You will still retain control of the finished product, as I do not publish anything without the permission of the owner. Just like that you have loads of time back!

I want to help you innovate success!

If this article resonated with you, then I would love to hear from you. Let's have a chat about what your unique business needs are and how I can give you some time back in your day! Please remember: Kinninger Consulting is a boutique firm. This means that we are only able to accept a certain number of clients at a time. Email today to secure your spot.




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